You can become a Shadow Era Legend!

To show appreciation to our players, we will soon begin transforming our players into Enshrined Cards! Each official monthly contest will produce many prizes, but will also result in a single winner. Those single winners will become eligible to be Enshrined as a card in the next update. For instance, in the September Sprint, someone will be the player with the highest number of total wins - that player will become eligible to be an Enshrined Legend!

If you become eligible, simply send us a pic of yourself to base the card on. We will embellish of course, but we will make it recognizably "you". If you wish, you can even suggest a faction (though we may not be able to hold to it), or a proposed pose for your in-game likeness. We will try to accommodate your requests, but no promises!

To be eligible, you MUST sign a waiver allowing us to use your likeness, and provide us with the name from which you wish your card name to be derived. This can be your real name, screen name, TG name, or anything that is recognizably you.

Note that you will have no input on how you are presented. You might be used as a powerful card, or maybe a less powerful card, but all Enshrined Cards will be Foils.

We will however let you choose to be either Human, Shadow, or Neutral. That much we will leave in your hands.