Guilds have always been an unofficial thing in Shadow Era, but now that we are about to launch a campaign targeting massive growth of the player base, we are going to be coordinating officially with certain Officially Sanctioned Guilds. Don't worry, if your Guild is not on this list, you aren't being disbanded, you can still do what you do, just like you are doing it. If your guild is not on the list of Officially Sanctioned Guilds - and you want it to be, just send us a message to that effect and we will discuss the possibility of making your Guild official.

What do Sanctioned Guilds Do?

Officially Sanctioned Guilds will make it part of their mission to recruit players who want to get better at the game, help them with their strategies, answer questions they may have, and generally make an effort to give a stone cold noob a soft landing place in the heart of Balor.

Officially Sanctioned Guilds will hold periodic internal events for their members, make an effort to have a reasonably consistent presence on TG so that members and prospective members will have access to their guidance, and always report any cheating or non-competitive practices they observe to ownership. They will make their recommendations to ownership about requested balance changes, card adjustments, new cards or factions, etc through their Guild Delegate in the official Guild Delegate TG Channel, or through direct messages to Shadow Era or jlbjork using our website forums.

What do Sanctioned Guilds Get?

Sanctioned Guilds will get the following benefits:

  1. SE Ownership will provide prizes to official Guild tournaments.
  2. SE Ownership will provide pre-release sneak previews of new cards and functions to the Guild Delegates.
  3. SE Ownership will provide each Sanctioned Guild with 1 guaranteed WC seat, to be populated with the winner of the Guild's Internal Qualifying Tournament (or series of tournaments if the Guild chooses that option).
  4. A members-only section of the forums will be set up for each guild, and will be active before the end of August 2022. This section will include members-only deck libraries and a members-only strategies section along with other functions to be added later.
  5. When the in-game Guild Chat and Guild Deck Library modes are added to the game client, Sanctioned Guilds will each be provided a members-only chat and library area.
  6. More benefits to come...

Which Guilds Are Sanctioned Guilds?
  • A1 - Alliance One
  • BP - Warriors of the Blue Pheonix
  • BT - Black Templars
  • RS - Rising Sun
  • SET - Shadow Era Titans
  • TJ - Team Juggernauts

To join the Guild Vault of your Guild, log in and click on the following link:

Permission Groups - Shadow Era Forums

Then follow the instructions to join the vault.

Once again, if you feel your Guild should be officially sanctioned, please contact us to make your case, and we will discuss the requirements for official sanctioning.