Greetings competitive players!

We are working on a new organized play system that will be available to all players who wish to participate. While that structure is still under development, there is one thing we are sure about. Each OFFICIAL guild will be able to hold internal tournaments in any way they see fit to produce their Guild's Champion for 2022. SE will provide each OFFICIAL guild with reasonable sanctioned prizes for their internal Guild Championship tournaments. If you are coordinating organized play for your guild, please message Shadow Era with your tournament schedule so we can offer sanctioned prizes for it.

Each Guild Champion will be seated in the WC tournament along with players (guild or no guild) who earn an at-large bid based on a soon-to-be disclosed set of criteria.

Check back on this thread over the next week to see what that criteria will be, and in the mean time, please get your Guild Championship formats together and submit them to us.