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    Lightbulb New Era Recommendations

    As Shadow Era is having a new owner as of 2022, I wanted to share some ideas that could be implied to this beautiful game.

    I know many of these are not easy to achieve or maintain but I wanted to humbly remind in good faith.
    They may be added in time as budget and conditions allow.

    + Better card and game balance.
    + Proper offline mode.
    + More ergonomic controls.
    + Better in-game chat screen.

    + Improved story mode.
    + Improved Encyclopedia (in-game or in SE website).

    Game Modes:
    + Not only official tournaments but easy to create quick tournaments.
    + Events with special conditions / quests / gifts.
    + 2 player vs 2 player match mode.
    + Special 2vs2 cards.
    + Player vs Boss match.
    + 2 player vs Boss match.

    + Improved "Player Screen" with statistics, achievements, etc.
    + Improved friends / teams / guilds / screens.
    + Player / team / guild finder.
    + Online player list.
    + Online friends list.
    + List of players that you last have match with.
    + Card wish list.
    + Able to gift card(s) to friends. (To stop abuse/ill-usage, a little amount of gold or SC may be asked as a transfer price).
    + Invitation to match / team / guild.
    + Invitation list.
    + Able to share things from game to social media (i.e. victories, statistics, achievement, etc).
    + Player Blogs on SE web site (Players may share their experiences, memories, tips, fan-fiction, fan-art).

    + Physical cards (If not feasible, a "request application option" could be implemented to the store web site and the number of applications could be shown near an item. Also "complete box sets" could be sold for collector players).
    + Merchandise (i.e. shits, caps, other wears, items, etc).
    + Books (Lore books and novels. License could be given to outsource writers).

    Privacy and Security-wise:
    + Solutions shall be find against toxic players.

    • Able to block a toxic player from sending private message to a player.
    • Able to not see a toxic player's chat messages in global chat (A player may choose not to see a toxic player's chat messages in global chat.)
    • Able to block a toxic player from match-making (for a player).
    • Able to report a toxic player to moderators with evidence (i.e. screenshot, chat-log, etc).
    • List of your personal ban list.
    • Automatic profanity censor on chat (that could be turned on/off).
    • Automatic profanity reporting on chat.
    • Player Karma.

    + Invisible mode in chat / in-game (that could be turned off for selected friends / team / guild).
    + Able to change game log-in credential.
    + Account theft security.
    + "Personal information privacy" across the game and the owner company (which is very important in today's world to protect people. A company shall able to earn money without sharing/selling players' personal information).
    + No user-tracking advertisement.

    + "One-time optional development cost" for each player and new player who wants to support the game. For instance 10 USD. The paying player may receive a card as a gift. (And earns an achievement).
    + Able to make donations to game development. (And earns an achievement).
    + Able to invite a friend to the game. Each player may earn a one time gift. (And earns an achievement). (May increase the player population in time).
    + "Log-in screen or in-game advertisement" so the game earns more money to fund servers and other important costs.
    • Ads should not be game-breaking / joy-breaking.
    • Ads should be reasonable (in terms of quantity, location and screen size).
    • Ads should be eye-friendly (no white ads on dark user interface and no flashing ads).
    • No audio/video/full-screen ads (very atmosphere breaking).
    • No inappropriate ads.
    • "No Advertisement" subscription with an affordable price (monthly and discounted annual option). For instance 2 USD per month or 20 USD per year.

    Things that Shall be Preserved:
    + Over all atmosphere of the game.
    + Game music (which is incredible, imho).
    + Offline mod (also needs to be improved).
    + Art style.
    + Being cross-platform.
    + And all the elements that make this game great.

    All these ideas shall be implied considering the development budget, need and urgency and shall not harm the maintenance cost or existence of the game. But in time and making the cost/profit calculations wisely, these improvements would be beneficial in the long run.

    -p.s.: I am not saying these are the best recommendations. I just wanted to share my humble ideas
    because I love this game very much. -Peace

    -p.p.s.: Please share your thoughts
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    No ads. Ever. You will loose a lot of players just by adding ads. Just being honest.

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    I'd really like an offline 'hotseat' option to play two of your own decks against each other.

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    I would suggest having classes feel more uniquely different. For ex, playing Garth compared to Boris compared to Victor feels too similar of a playstyle.
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