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    Need help! Freeze controll Raikka.

    Hi everyone!

    After being gone from the game for about 6 years i decided to reinstall the game and have another go at it.
    The deck i built is quite consistant and does what i want it to do, (more or less.) and i wanted to ask you guys for some tips / tricks to make it a bit more competative.

    *update* i reworked the deck with Amaria and it got a lot stronger and consistend.

    Freeze controll mage:

    Hero: Raikka Spellseeker (40 cards)

    Ally (18):
    2x Frostflame Harpy
    4x Popsickle
    2x Death Mage Thaddeus
    4x Stalactitan
    4x Frosted Urigon
    2x Forgotten Horror

    Ability (8):
    2x Shriek of Vengeance
    3x Contemplate
    1x Shriek of Revulsion
    2x Transmogrification Curse

    Item (13):
    4x Tome of Knowledge
    2x Urigon's Fang
    4x Living Ice Wall
    3x Voice of Winter

    Deck Code: 733146B

    1 of its weaknesses is weapon hero`s and rush/spam. If anyone has some pointers for me id apreciate it greatly!

    Thanks in advance.
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