A Final Wish from Shadow Era Fans

Dear Developers, Producers and Managers of Shadow Era,

Please, make Shadow Era payable offline on mobile and PC after the official serves shut down.

-Firstly, we, your fans have irreplaceable memories about this game, grown through over a decade. It touched us by its music, atmosphere, art, lore and gameplay. We would like to keep in touch with it. Itís like a refresh breath where quality videogames are diminishing. And as all geeks know, a videogame is not just a videogame, it is more than that. We touched it and it touched us. And we donít want to lose it.
-Secondly, your fanbase would stay intact even offline and when you are ready to return, we will be here waiting for you (and each other). This would be a good long term strategy, imho.

So please donít let Shadow Era dies, at least put it in coma.

I wish to thank anyone who worked in this project. You did a great, great job. I wish you all the best.

With all respect, a possible ďPost-Shut-Down RoadmapĒ could be like this;

- Updating game clients for offline game play for mobile and pc. (And if possible for mac).
- Ensuring, no need to sign in online for a default local profile to play offline. (The client could have a default offline profile).
- Able to earn in-game gold to unlock cards on local profile.
- Preserving an official forum. Supporting the forum with ads to ensure its existence.
- Preserving ďan official client download pageĒ for desktop computers.
- Letting previous players to find the game on their game library on iOS, Android and Steam.
- Keeping in touch with the fanbase through the forum in regular basis.
- Also, if possible a LAN option could be added to the client so the game lives forever.
- And, if possible, using steamís own servers.