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    Quote Originally Posted by n0tanks87 View Post
    Any chance the app will still function for single player after the 31st? Would really like to still be able to play even if it's just campaign mode.
    A big +1

    Dear devs, please give your fans a final gift by enabling offline play.

    -ps: Both for mobile and pc/mac.

    !! Update:

    On both PC and iOS the game works offline. On PC you need to run "the main exe" not the launcher. On iOS, turn off internet and just run the game. On both platforms the game asks if you want to play offline. I tested and it works as of 18th July 2022. But I heard that, at least once, you might need to have connected to the online server, previously. I don't know what happens to a fresh install. I wish a proper offline mod would be available in the future.

    -PS: Location of "the game exe" on PC is on this location:
    C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Wulven Game Studios\Shadow Era Launcher\game\v4.25000\ShadowEra.exe
    -PPS: If not available, search "the exe" on elsewhere.
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    Update: The game has found a new owner and will remain operational.

    Please see


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