The change to Darkwood Panther is so good that I decided to build a deck around it.

It is particularly good with Lance since you can get a haste, stealth, ambush protector at 4cc.

Hero: Lance Shadowstalker

Allies (24):
4x Midnight Sentinel
4x Layarian Knight
4x Aldon the Brave
4x Zailen Crusader
4x Darkwood Panther
4x General of Unaxio

Abilities (15):
4x Silent Strike
4x Backstab
4x Treasured Heirloom
1x A Legend Rises
2x Anarchic Looting

= 40 cards

I took the attachment approach since it doesn’t lose tempo on IGG and Anklebreaker. There are some tricky combos:

Darkwood Panther + Silent Strike: stealth protector
Midnight Sentinel + Silent Strike/ Backstab: free buff