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    [RS Seadog] Freeze Aramia

    Putting up a deck to make use of the balancing changes of some cards:

    Hero: Aramia

    Allies (12):
    4x Darklight Apprentice
    4x Popsickle
    4x Ipshtuer Leander

    Abilities (9):
    4x Freezing Grip
    1x Kelvin's Charm
    4x Suspended Animation

    Items (18):
    1x Tome of Knowledge
    1x Scrapyard Recycler
    2x Urigon's Fang
    4x Living Ice Wall
    4x Transporting Golem
    1x Engineer's Harness
    1x Clockwork Soldier
    4x Shard of Ithrund

    = 40 cards

    An interesting combo is Kelvin's Charm on Shard of Ithrund with Urigon's Fang on board. Note that if Urigon's Fang is on the left side of Shard of Ithrund, Urigon's Fang freeze effect resolves first and the combo would deal 5 damages + freeze to the ally attacked. Freezing Grip is a very handy card which serves as both freeze and damage source. Transporting Golem has a delayed summon effect which works similar to Living Ice Wall.

    EDIT: Below is a more experimental version that I build alongside with the above deck. It's an Animation Aramia and I found it more fun and explosive than the freeze version.

    Hero: Aramia

    Allies (8):
    4x Darklight Apprentice
    4x Ipshtuer Leander

    Abilities (0)

    Items (31):
    4x The Last Harvest
    4x Scrapyard Recycler
    4x Thoughtful Investment
    4x Wand of Izikus
    4x Living Ice Wall
    4x Transporting Golem
    4x Augmenting Golem
    2x Engineer's Harness
    1x Clockwork Soldier

    = 40 cards

    The core idea is to ramp and buff your animated golems until your opponent cannot answer. Note that there are plenty of cantrip draws in the deck so you don't lose tempo by setting up draw engines. Personally I love the Thoughtful Investment / Wand of Izikus combo.


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