Hall of Doors is a location that lets you "upgrade" a 6 cost ally into a 7 cost ally. Interestingly, this deck does not run any 6 cost allies, so you may be wondering how we bring out Aldreides or Kion. In this deck, we actually use a 6 cost armor for Hall of Doors through using either Suspended Animation or Lilyt of Orem to turn it into an ally from an item.

Hero: Aramia (42 cards)

Ally (9):
3x Lilyt of Orem
3x Aldreides the Aged
3x Kion the Magnificent

Ability (10):
2x Rest for the Weary
4x Suspended Animation
4x Shadowbolt

Item (18):
4x Tome of Knowledge
1x Leash of Life
4x Living Ice Wall
4x Mending Golem
3x Snow Sapphire
2x Soulbound Armor

Location (4):
4x The Wilds: Hall of Doors

Deck Code: 1924225B

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