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    Why doesn't Black Garb kill Pillaging Arsonist? (resolved)

    In the campaign my Black Garb does not kill the Pillaging Arsonists after they deal combat damage to my hero. Neither of the two card's text indicate why this would be happening.

    Black Garb:
    "When an ally deals combat damage to your hero while Black Garb is in play, that ally is killed."

    Pillaging Arsonist:
    "At the end of each of your turns, all allies without Outlaw alignment take 1 fire damage."

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    It's because Black Garb has 1 defense (indicated by the shield icon on bottom right), this means that when a hero with Black Garb is attacked the combat damage against it will be reduced by 1. Therefore, an ally with only 1 attack like Pillaging Arsonist will end up ultimately doing 0 combat damage, therefore the ally is not killed, but does still reduce Black Garb's durability.

    Hope that helps.
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