Hero: Zaladar (40 cards)

Ally (19):
4x Fire Snake
4x Deathbone
3x Masked Bandit
4x Death Mage Thaddeus
4x Rampant Krygon

Ability (14):
4x Bad Santa
4x Shadow Font
4x Mind Control
2x Ley Line Nexus

Item (6):
4x Dimension Ripper
2x Helm of Saymeht

Deck Code: 1113941B

This deck is full on Dimension Ripper. Deck selection is such that most of the time you give opponent trash you can easily deal with. You can easily kill any ally opponent gets from you via DR, your ability or your ally on board or Krygon. All your allies are low cost, hp and attack so MC is very inefficient for opponent to play. There is no target for LLN in this deck. And if they get DR it is double the fun. In case you really don't want to give them a card don't forget good old Santa bombing, to fill their hand with cards using Bad Santa, before dealing damage with DR.