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    How to get better cards in Meltdown

    A1 Monk here. Should have done this video 10 years ago.

    Every md player who wants to win knows about the "reroll", "reshuffle", or whatever you wanna call it.

    If you don't want to win in md, there's no need to read on.

    Just be aware that the top ranked MD players use it. It's not a secret.


    You need to choose 4 packs for MD. Say you choose 4 Call of the Crystals packs, you see the cards, they suck. PRESS CANCEL.

    Choose a different CONFIG of packs, say 3 CotC, and 1 SF or 1 LL or 1 DP pack.


    Read that again.

    In short, the packs in the 4 CotC Config earlier ARE NOT the same packs as the 3 CotC packs.

    Which means:

    (a) 3 CotC, 1 SF
    (b) 3 CotC, 1 LL
    (c) 3 CotC, 1 DP

    ALL THE 3 CotC packs are DIFFERENT.

    Whenever you change the CONFIG of packs, ALL the cards in the packs will be different.


    Basic notes on winning in MD

    What can you do with the "reroll"?

    1. Get a Tier 1 hero

    Zal and BB (Zal is slightly better)
    Amber (with WBT)
    Gwen (with any weapon on board)

    2. Make your deck around 30 - 33 cards
    (Pros can play well with more than 35 cards, but they are pros)

    3. Ensure you have plenty of allies, both weenies and 5cc fatties. 6cc and higher fatties are iffy. Most times, before you reach 6 resources, you are dead.

    4. Ensure you have ally control/removal cards

    5. Try to have item control/removal cards

    My Packs selection order

    Anti-clockwise, start from:

    4 Cotc

    3 Cotc, 1 SF
    3 Cotc, 1 LL
    3 Cotc, 1 DP

    2 Cotc, 1 DP, 1 SF
    2 Cotc, 1 DP, 1 LL

    (Why use DP? Because DP packs can still give us Zal, bb, Amber and Gwen. SF and LL packs contain only the new heroes)

    2 Cotc, 2 DP
    2 Cotc, 2 SF
    2 Cotc, 2 LL

    1 Cotc, 1 DP, 1 SF, 1 LL

    1 Cotc, 3 SF
    1 Cotc, 3 LL
    1 Cotc, 3 DP

    Many more permutations exist, of course. But I hardly have to go that far.

    That's it! GL, HF.
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    Monk, way to step up And share this critical ltdown information. You are right that one of us should have done it years ago. I have been accused of cheating numerous times You have explained the re roll concept to some other md players. But a forum post was necessary because, to me the ability to reroll is one ofMDs appeal. Anyway, good job Monk! I'll see you out there!
    Question everything but be open to anything


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