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    [RS Seadog] Sandra Amber

    I'd like to post this because there are no new decks in the meta.

    I started from searching a deck to use the buffed Sandra Trueblade, and I found the synergy between Jeweler's Dream, Ascetic of Aldmor and Layarian Seductress.

    Hero: Amber Rain

    Allies (24):
    4x Ascetic of Aldmor
    4x Dirk Saber
    4x Midnight Sentinel
    4x Aldon the Brave
    4x Layarian Seductress
    4x Sandra Trueblade

    Abilities (8):
    4x Retreat!
    4x Blood Frenzy

    Items (7):
    4x Jeweler's Dream
    3x Looter's Baton

    = 40 cards

    It is a heavy tempo based deck. You optimal play is to secure the board first in the earrly game before setting up draw. Sandra helps to set your opponent back and Retreat can further defer your opponent's play. Looter's Baton is selected over Bad Santa as alternative draw because it keeps up the tempo and does not give your opponent draw.

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    This is cool. I am a personal fan of Resource Destruction decks. I do like the concept
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