Hero: Majiya (41 cards)

Ally (24):
4x Deathbone
4x Harbinger of the Lost
4x Popsickle
4x Keldor
4x Death Mage Thaddeus
4x Shadow Knight

Ability (8):
4x Undying Bond
4x Portal

Item (4):
4x Amulet of Conjuring

Location (4):
4x Kiruth: Thaddeus' Vault

Deck Code: 442743B

A take on Kiruth Portal deck. Undying Bond is free with Kiruth. Buff to Deathbone allows imo for a lower deck curve. Deck has 12 2cc allies which can help to swarm the board instead of relying solely on Shadow Knight loops. I am trying out Keldor over Death Collector, because DC is bad early game and also weak when naked vs Zal with Aural. It might be worth exploring different draw options over Amulet. Some combination of ToK and other burst draw (Santa, Sac Lamb). Toll on the SE is quite high, but on the other hand you have relatively low ally curve and resource acceleration from location which pairs well with Amulet.
Undying Bond also has minor synergy with Popsickle because it buffs its attack. Can come in handy.