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    4.2 Aramia - Chimera Animator

    Hero: Aramia (41 cards)

    Ally (16):
    4x Darklight Apprentice
    4x Popsickle
    4x Ipshtuer Leander
    4x Lilyt of Orem

    Ability (8):
    4x Suspended Animation
    4x Shadowbolt

    Item (16):
    1x Tome of Knowledge
    1x The Last Harvest
    4x Thoughtful Investment
    4x Wand of Izikus
    1x Urigon's Fang
    4x Living Ice Wall
    1x Engineer's Harness

    Deck Code: 1013081B

    Here is a deck for funsies. There is a similar, better version that focuses on Aldmor/golems + freeze stuff, but this one uses some underplayed cards, so you get extra swag points. I am talking mainly about Thoughtful Investment, Wand of Izikus and Lilyt of Orem. Wand of Izikus can transform TI into an ally without abilities, meaning that TI loses its downside while you keep the resource. This combo also allows you to play 4x of TI. The allies you get from TI will trigger Leander. They are also Homunculus so they get a buff from Lilyt's ability. Ally from Suspended Animation is also a Homunculus so that one gets buffed as well.
    Other than that you can use more powerful combos in the deck, like protecting Leander behind Ice Wall to get tempo free draw engine. Protect you allies with Suspended Animation that also buffs Popsickle to control the board or race opponent.
    As you can see this deck combines 3 or 4 themes: Freeze, Aldmor, Homunculus, Item transformations, hence the name Chimera Animator.
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