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    Campaign for shadow heroes on hard difficulty.

    My greetings. Shadows campaign is more difficult than human campaign. I advise you to play for humans first, in order to know the features of the opponents' decks. I also posted my method on the forum. For human heroes, I used the Homunculus synergy, it is not available for shadows, so now I use the Aldmor tribe. This method is less efficient, but it has a huge plus. Only neutral cards are used here. This means that the deck is suitable for any hero, any class.

    Aldmor Interceptor x3 needed for survival, will spend enemy Now You're Mine, Retreat! or traps, has a useful ability.

    Darklight Apprentice x4 is also able to slow down the enemy and his ability saves your SE.

    Aldmor Scout x4 needed for draw cards.

    Aldmor Chieftan x4 needed for damage, has a very useful ability.

    Aldmor Vanquisher x3 rarely but still used as a removal, has a very situational but still useful ability.

    Rest for the Weary x4 essential card against Aeon Stormcaller and
    Ogloth the Glutton. The only worthy replacement for Retreat! costs more, but spoils the opponent's TopDeck, the priest uses Tidal Wave a turn later. It is also sometimes used on your allies

    Pathfinder's Machete x3-4 saves allies at the expense of the hero's health.

    Tisay: Volcanic Springs x4 An essential card with a hidden effect, the computer opponent will spend shadow energy to damage your allies or remove the negative effect from their own, sometimes it will be useless. Also, the card will help to survive vs Boris, Elementalis and Zaladar. It is also needed for synergy with a Pathfinder's Machete
    and Rest for the Weary. And you can remove the negative effect from your allies.

    Some opponents can't be beaten without extra cards, shadows don't have Shrine of Negatia and Kristoffer Wyld, it's a huge loss but I found an alternative.

    Frying Pan must be added to the deck and have on the first turn vs Serena.

    Frostmare must be added to the deck and have on the first turn vs Boris and Ter Adun.

    Platinum Chainmail must be added to the deck and have on the second turn vs Gravebone, but the battle will still be very difficult.

    Scrap Cannoneer must be added to the deck and have on the second turn vs Amber, but the battle will still be hellishly difficult.

    I didn't use class cards this time, but some of them will make your adventure easier. For example: Crippling Blow, Hunter's Gambit,
    Consuming Fear, Now You're Mine,
    Shocking Grasp.

    That's all I needed. That, a little luck and a lot of restarts. I'm serious. Lots of restarts. But. If I can do it, then you can too.

    See you on the battlefield.
    GL HF
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    Just want to say huge thank you to you for sharing this. After a couple of years trying I've finally completed Bloodfang campaign on hard thanks to your suggestions. Your advice is the ONLY advice out there on the campaign that actually works.

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