Hero: Garth Ravensoul

Allies (22):
4x Royal Guard
2x Covert Operative
2x Black Adder
4x Night Owl
4x Aldmor Artisan
1x Lily Rosecult
1x Lyra Blackrose
2x Sorcerer of Endia
1x Aldmor Scavenger
1x Viska, The Scarlet Blade

Abilities (3):
3x Stop, Thief!

Items (15):
1x The Last Harvest
2x Hit List
3x Poison-laced Gloves
3x Ill-Gotten Gains
1x Spirit Shuriken
1x Clockwork Soldier
4x Anklebreaker

Locations (1):
1x Gaderi: Braxno Citadel

= 42 cards ~ 12110g
Deck Code : 1353722B

Royal Guard is a solid new ally to play. She could have Ambush, Defender, Steadfast, Haste, Protector, and most importantly Shroud which is mostly a good counter against Mages and Zaladar. This deck uses a lot of artifact to trigger her Shroud and also other tools to trigger her abilities. There's a lot of combos and synergy, and I think the deck is quite competitive at 250ish rating

Notable combos :
- Royal Guard + Lyra Blackrose + Gaderi: Braxno Citadel. Royal Guard will have protector, shielding Lyra from damage, much better if she also have shroud. The opponent will be forced to pay 1SE to get rid of the location but at the same time they have to sacrifice one of their card.

- Royal Guard + Poison-Laced Gloves. Royal Guard will have Defender and most often the opponent overlook this. Good against 4 health ally, use gloves ability to bring their health to 2, and since she has defender at least she could survive the next turn unless the enemy use special ability.

- Royal Guard + Reconnaissance. It's actually a nice combo but I didn't add in this deck since most often I didn't get the chance to use. You get a hasted ally with 3 attack and card draw for only 4 cc. If you have 2 Royals you could hasted 2 allies for 6 cc.

Some other notable combos:
- Aldmor Artisan + Aldmor Artisan to summon Ill-Gotten Gains or Clockwork Soldier for zero cost

- Lily Rosecult or Aldmor Scavenger to recycle your artifact in the graveyard back to your hand

- Black Adder + Poison-laced Gloves, increasing their poison damage

- Covert Operative with Night Owl or Spirit Shuriken, well you get the idea