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    Rankett Proving Ground

    With the addition of new 2 cc homunculus ally, Frost Flame Harpy, this location become problematic. If you draw it early, you could easily grow big allies while at the same time gain a card advantage.

    -At T1 you cast Gremlin or Rotling
    -T2 casting Frost Flame Harpy is preferred or Sword Gobbler
    -T3 stop sacrifice, cast Rankett and cast another Harpy, now you have 1/4, 2/4, and 2/5 ally and also a card draw while your opponent still have 2 or 3 resources to answer all that. If you don't have Harpy you could cast Spontaneous Growth, or Crystal Shard/Splicer Crown, not as solid as Harpy but still quite good.

    I suggest a balance change for Rankett to: T4, 1SE: If an ally gained base attack or health this turn, draw a card and target Homunculus ally gain +1 base attack and +1 health

    Basically you pay 1SE to draw a card and gain +1/+1 for only one ally which is already a good deal, while T4 I think it's reasonable time for the opponent to have a board presence to counter the location fairly. Let me know about this suggestion for the balance change

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    The key to countering Rankett is generally to spend 2SE to take the location from them. You can also play your own location on top of it. Homu also have a huge draw power problem and generally play cards like Bad Santa. They are very vulnerable to cheap removal like Retreat, Crippling Blow, Now You're Mine, etc. I don't think they are unbalanced but you do have a point in that they are kind of un-fun to play against (just like most rush decks) because there is generally not a lot of back and forth play and it also just outright wins many match ups. I could see a minor nerf being exiling the location instead of taking control of it or something along those lines but I think your proposed nerf is too harsh.
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