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    4.14 Nonstandard Aggro Elementalis

    Hero: Elementalis (40 cards)

    Ally (27):
    4x Caged Savage
    1x Rapacious Vermin
    4x Stardust Transfuser
    4x Rampant Krygon
    4x Voracious Arachnid
    4x Stardust Extractor
    2x Darkwood Wraith
    4x Resolute Hornbeam

    Ability (12):
    4x Permeate
    2x Energy Discharge
    4x Mind Control
    2x Exaltation

    Deck Code: 2003082B

    Deckbuilding considerations:
    - We have no need for Gold-Laced Shield and Stardust Amplifier, as we want to use hero power earlier and summon Korygon with ability on T4
    - We have no items to be controlled yay 

    Considerations in play:
    - This deck kind of works because people are packing control against large creatures and not multiple small/ medium creatures. Against heroes with board clear we have permeate which mitigates risk.
    - Against some heroes managing concentration risk is key (being wary of mind control, damage dealing abilities, attachments), sometimes using hero power on stardust transfuser or Korygon can be the correct move. Against mage naturally calculate the abilities you expect to see.
    - Resolute Hornbeam is the draw engine so calculate when to empty hand
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