January 14, 2022


sf060 Dakrath doesn't discard when damaged with Banebow's ability
sf062 Crown of Ages doesn't properly stop its buff if the target is retreated and comes back
ll006 General of Unaxio or ll055 Braxnorian Blacksmith summon without seeking results in sync error
ll020 Towering Brute when damaged is stopping ally boosted by ll093 Rabble Rouser to attack
ll070 Lilyt of Orem incorrectly returns allies with keyword ability intact, eg Stealth, Protector etc
ll093 Covert Operative is not readied when it got moved to the opponent side from using its ability
l1153 Augmenting Golem that is awakened but with Lythian Shackles attached still gives +1 atk to allies
Players would sometimes concede but their opponent is not notified until/unless they press the OK button on the defeat screen
When targeting, zooming a card and pressing the Target button causes huge targeting lines (eg Arcane Burst)
AI can get stuck with Marshland Sentinel on board


Visual Glitch when creating new resources, eg Stop, Thief!
Removed attachments are zooming too big for a split second, eg For Unaxio!
AI plays Extra Sharp on an exhausted ally
Anarchic Looting should move out of the way as ability takes effect
If you are selling a card and you increase the sell amount, it incorrectly displays buy on the button
In the merchant, packs shouldn't be able to be dragged around before clicked
On widescreen Android devices, the launch screen is not cropped nicely