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    Raph's Pop-up winning deck (29 or 30 Dec) - Gravebone

    Not a beginner's deck.

    The killer combo is primarily Bone Sabre + Dakrath/Horror. Your fatties will eventually wear down your opponent's allies and hero.

    Just make you do not lose too much board from t1 to t4. You'll regain the board in mid/late game.

    t1 to t4, just build and collect, ding your opponent's defenses/atk a little. Explode on the turn that you first bring in Vull/Horror/Dakrath.

    Hero: Gravebone (41 cards)

    Ally (18):
    1x Harbinger of the Lost
    4x Brimstone Devourer
    4x Falseblood Cultist
    4x Forgotten Horror
    4x Dakrath
    1x Vull the Insatiable

    Ability (8):
    2x Transmogrification Curse
    4x Shadowbolt
    2x Dawn Raid

    Item (14):
    3x Tome of Knowledge
    1x Crystal Shards
    1x Leash of Life
    1x Tombstone Beacon
    3x Mending Golem
    4x Bone Sabre
    1x Charred Cowl of the Damned

    Deck Code: 1173620B

    I might be removing Shards for another tome. I am a fan of 1 unique card. It's my boon and also my curse. Example: if I have a Charred Cowl on board, drawing another is useless. Same for Tome, Beacon, Weapon, Unique allies.

    I never have 3 or 4 aldons in my deck, for example. At most 2, and mostly just 1. I'll rather have a Aug Golem instead of the 2nd/3rd Aldon.

    Just me though. Probably not for everyone. I break my own rule too. By having 4 Dakraths in this deck.
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