Hero: Zaladar

Allies (20):
4x Shadow Knight
2x Furrion Terror
2x Axiom the Soulless
2x Ogloth the Glutton
4x Forgotten Horror
2x Dakrath
1x Barrabus the Tainted
1x Aldreides the Aged
1x Arthyle, Conqueror of Balor
1x Vull the Insatiable

Items (15):
4x Antimatter
2x Infinity Core
4x Crypt Golem
1x Distortion Harness
4x Wave Modulator

Locations (4):
4x The Wilds: Hall of Doors

= 40 cards

This is not a conventional ramp deck but to achieve resource acceleration through wave modulator and hall of doors.

Wave Modulator/The Wilds: Hall of Doors is a borderline OP combo which you can summon any ally from you deck for just 1cc + 1se, plus you can extract the summoning effect of the first ally.

For just 1 cc, you can summon Forgotten Horror, dealing 4 damages to opposing ally and freezing it, then upgrading to any 7cc ally with just 1se.

Alternatively, you can summon Shadow Knight through Wave Modulator, and then upgrading it to any 6cc ally through location. Note that if you summon Forgotten Horror through location, it will deal 4 damages at end of your turn.

You can recycle allies through Shadow Knight, Axiom the Soulless and Infinity Core. So you can activate Crypt Golem consistently.

There are no room for Shadow Font and Mind Control, but once you get the combo on-going, you would find you don’t even need that.

Other cards to consider:

Sacrificial Lamb – Alternative draw on allies summoned through Wave Modulator or Axiom the Soulless.
Replicate – If you get a Forgotten Horror on board, summon the second one from your deck for just 3cc.
Power Surge – Being able to attack with the ally summoned through Wave Modulator, then can get rid of it by upgrading to another ally through location.
Energy Discharge – Cast on the ally summoned through Wave Modulator.

Mending Golem - Go for the pseudo Gravebone approach with more discard options and Ghostmaker.
Aural Battery – Can switch between Wave Modulator and Aural Battery for different purpose.
Ghostmaker – An alternative to Axiom the Soulless.

Alternate deck archetypes:

Fire – Switching all allies to fire types. Adding Flamefordged Sceptor
Undead - Switching all allies to undead tribe. Focusing on the recycle of Horror.

The deck is so versatile and have many variations to above list. Look forward to see your own creation and dominating the meta.