Hero: Banebow (41 cards)

Ally (18):
4x Rapacious Vermin
4x Ravager Zealot
4x Murderous Hulk
2x Thriss Demolitionist
4x Hellfire Besieger

Ability (8):
4x Hunter's Gambit
4x Survivalist

Item (11):
3x Thriss Assault Plinth
4x Thriss Crucible
4x Ruby Embellished Dagger

Location (3):
3x The Wilds: Darklight Citadel

Deck Code: 913540B

Here is a variation on ravager Banebow, where focus is more on lategame ravagers that have great synergy with Darklight Citadel location. Both Hulk and Besieger have cheap and very effective abilities but generally suffer from "active ability syndrome" where it is hard to get value from them by having to wait a turn to use them. This is where Citadel comes in. Ruby Embellished Dagger helps you ramp up faster in order, for example, to use Besieger's ability as soon as turn 5.