v4.10 has been submitted to Apple for a synced release in another day or two.


se026 Puwen Bloodhelm is missing popup help for his +1 attack
se123 Soul Reaper could get stuck above graveyard
se126 Mind Control on an ally with sf087 Decoy Trap on its side and the ally incorrectly dies the next turn
sf077 Urigon's Fang can crash the game when the Hero attacks an ally
ll015 Ipshtuer Leander ability with ex077 Lyra Blackrose on opponent's side breaks the game
ll029 Frostflame Harpy when put into play from graveyard with GB ability it incorrectly gets the +1 HP
ll119 Power Surge doesn't do 2 damage when removed
ll186 Gaderi: Braxno Citadel NC ability destroyed a location under it, but not itself
cp012 Black Adder effect still works after Layarian Diplomat removed passive abilities

In the merchant, when you buy 10 packs the GUI only shows 7 pages
Don't randomize order of multi-pack buys, should see the cards pack by pack
Should show popup keywords in open pack screen, since it is the first time people might see a card
Popup help text for Sustain is too long, gets cut off. Eg sf148 Obelisk of Echoes
When viewing the high score player profiles, the Games button doesn't always work
Lost Lands heroes (that will eventually have alt art) were not showing up in the Merchant