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    Arrow 4.09 Tiny Loest - Arthyle's Pass: Dead Man's Breach deck

    Hero: Loest, Savior of Layar (41 cards)

    Ally (21):
    4x Puwen Bloodhelm
    3x Layarian Diplomat
    4x Midnight Sentinel
    4x Royal Guard
    3x Vozitian Saboteur
    3x Aldon the Brave

    Ability (7):
    3x Bad Santa
    4x Fireball

    Item (4):
    2x Tome of Knowledge
    2x The Last Harvest

    Armor (4):
    4x Twice Enchanted Robe

    Location (4):
    4x Arthyle's Pass: Dead Man's Breach

    Deck Code: 503226C

    Idea behind this deck is to take advantage of synergy between location and Twice Enchanted Robe. Whenever 2cc or less ally dies, your hero takes 1 damage and you draw a card from Robe. Another neat synergy is giving Royal Guard combination of shroud, protector, defender and ambush, which makes it very hard for opponent to deal with. Vozitian Saboteur is nice addition to tiny decks, because it doubles as a body and ability when needed to remove something cheap you don't want to waste Loest's ability on. And finally, Puwen's buff is best used in DMB deck when behind, 3 attack out of the box on 2cc ally helps in that scenario.
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