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    Beatdown Moonstalker (v3.90)

    In ranked matches of v3.90, three types of Moonstalker seem to be commonly played: Heavy Ballista, Undead, and Jeweler's Dream.
    Heavy Ballista-Moonstalker seems to be more difficult to play, as it mainly uses mid-weight cards with 4CC or more.
    Undead-Moonstalker has the exhilaration of gaining a huge advantage with Surging Darkness in the midgame and beyond, but it has the difficulty of surpassing the early game.

    This time, I would like to introduce a Jeweler's Dream beatdown deck that I built based on Gemini9's play.
    The three key cards are Jeweler's Dream, Bloodpack Shaman, and Wulven Tinker, and it features high stability.

    Hero: Moonstalker (41 cards)

    Ally (16):
    4x Bloodpack Shaman
    2x Dread Wolf
    4x Wulven Tinker
    3x Soothjaw
    1x Dark Riding Hood
    1x Howlfang, Terror of the Vale
    1x Crusher of the Weak

    Ability (16):
    2x Now You're Mine
    2x Sacrificial Lamb
    4x Blood Moon
    2x Death from Above
    2x Wulven Resilience
    2x Torn Apart
    2x Dawn Raid

    Item (6):
    2x Dreadclaw Totem
    4x Jeweler's Dream

    Location (2):
    2x Arthyle's Pass: Dead Man's Breach

    Deck Code: 994892B

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    Dark Riding Hood and Howlfang, Terror of the Vale are often used as a way to buff(+1 attack) allies on the board.

    For the Dead Man's Breach slot, Midnight Howl and Wulven Rally are good alternatives.
    In a fast environment with a lot of mages, you can use Midnight Howl for face damage.
    In a slow Priest-heavy environment, Wulven Rally can be used to recover two Bloodpack Shaman and regenerate the deck.
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