I'm interested in selling my card collection away that I got way back when during the kickstarter. I've had good times with it but new games have supplanted it.

I've got a lot of cards from Call of Crystals, with many foils, and several corrupted angels. Most cards have 4 copies of them atleast, there are a few that don't, and the big exception being human rogue, most cards of which I have unfortunately misplaced.
I've also got many cards from Dark prophecies, but not nearly as much. I would like to say there's atleast one copy of most cards from it, but I would have to compare what I have to the card listings.

I have a full list of all cards for those interested, and if you have any other questions or you want to see pictures of the cards, don't hesitate to ask. Most cards should be in fine condition, although I have played with them so there's bound to be some sign of wear and tear.

I live in Finland. If you are interested, send me a suggestion here, or straight to my email (juuso.piippo@hotmail.com).