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    Fan Fiction Contest Chapter 2

    Hello Everyone!

    Ok, simple stuff here. Write your best, worst, serious, funny fan fiction that you can and post it here. It has to be within the character limit of single post. I donít want 100,000,000 words of text to read...

    The subject will be...

    This card has gone through so many changes xD It just felt right to have it be the subject of this contest.

    I will read and judge the submissions on my own. My word is final! Reward will be $20US. I used to Give Shadow Crystals but the tool is gone and this is just easier. I have a job so I will survive $20 xD

    Cutoff date for submissions will be March 5th.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Here on behalf of WhySoDucky on telegram, with his fanfic.

    The Sorcerer of Endia – A Shadow Era FanFic by WhySoDucky

    With Galt behind him, the entirety of Mount Balor was now in sight, that his destination, from the small forest at its base to the fort on its top.
    Black clouds cut the mountain in half, lightnings thundered, echoing throughout the plains.
    As the Sorcerer and his aides stepped toward the highest mountain in the world, a feeling of dread permiated his body and the more he approached, the more he felt it growing, yet nothing could have stopped him, not now.
    Once in the middle of the plains separating him from the mountain, the clouds atop it decended.
    Thunders flashed, illuminating the area around, and struck the ground with such ferocity it seemed intentional, as if something, someone, was purposely stricking the ground, trying to instill fear in the eyes of whoever was foolish enough to approach.
    Small fires appeared as more and more lightnings struck, and soon grew in numbers.
    Seemingly gaining sentience, the small fires moved toward the Sorcerer and his aides.
    The Sorcerer of Endia knew exactly what the fires were, for he had faced them before, months prior, on his temple’s ground.
    Elementals, Sparks.
    His knowledge of them made so the group was able to dispatch the enemy with ease, yet they were not ready for what was about to come.
    The clouds themselves descended further until finally touching the ground, swirling, thundering, amassing on themselves.
    A gust of wind scattered the rumbling, shapeless amalgamation of lightnings and darkness revealing what was hidden within, a beast of colosslal size.
    Elementalis revealed herself.
    More Sparks then appeared, and Elementalis soon summoned a Shard of Power, making her spawns even stronger.
    The group of humans advanced to fight the beasts in front of them, the only thing standing in their way to the fort.
    Spells were casted, swords were swung, shields were bashing, the enemy Sparks fell down one by one, like leaves in the wind.
    Opportunity arose for the Sorcerer to struck Elementalis with a powerful spell.
    Yet it wasn’t enough, she was still standing, towering above the battlefield, and her opponents.
    More and more enemies appeared seemingly out of thin air, Sparks first, then Reactoraries and finally Stardust Ampliflyers.
    The end of the battle was close, the humans were losing soldiers, and with them their hope.
    Elementalis was soon to be victorious.
    Down on his knees he was surrounded by the horde of elemental enemies, all his hopes lost, taken away from him in a matter of seconds, when suddenly all the enemies were killed and a blinding light shone down on him healing his wounds, and getting him back on his feet.
    From his still opened portal came through a man he knew too well, Jericho, saving his life once more.
    With new found strength he braved through the battlefield, casting spells, attacking Elementalis
    Using a spell native to his hometown, the Sorcerer connected the Shard of Power to Elementalis herself, linking one’s life to the other, lifting the rosy crystal in the air in the process, and throwing it on the ground below, thence destroying it.
    Only a crater was left once the dust dispersed, no trace left of the crystalline formation.
    Elementalis followed the same fate, killed with the destruction of her own creation, by a mere and puny mortal.
    Soon after the defeat of the gargantuan beast the Sorcerer headed toward the mountain, followed by the high priest, to look for the secret entrance that lead to a cave envisioned by the man of faith.
    Once inside, both knew the battle was over, King Rothem would face his defeat in the nearby future.
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    What aspects of the Sorcerer of Endia's character or storyline do you find most intriguing or engaging, based on the fan fiction entries, and how would you envision further development in the Shadow Era universe?

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    What are the key elements or details you appreciate in the Sorcerer of Endia fan fiction entries, and how do you envision these contributing to the broader development of the Shadow Era universe?


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