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    Mind Control and Decoy Trap interaction

    Today, I played Mind control on ally, it dealt its damage to opp’s hero, and then the ally was saved by Decoy Trap. Mind a Control doesn’t fall off the ally because it isn’t coded to - it just falls off because the ally gets killed once it deals combat damage to the player. But because the ally survived through Decoy Trap, Mind Control stayed on the ally.

    So the next turn when his ally attacked me (with MC still attached to it) it did its damage and then MC’s “and then the ally is killed” effect triggered, and his ally died.

    I get why it happened from a programming perspective, but doubt it was meant to do this from a card design standpoint.

    Just making you aware if you weren’t already
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    Had this happen to me too. I can't believe this scenario has never happened to me before considering I've been playing for 6 years now lol just making sure this is a thing and not a bug! Cheers


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