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    Post End of Year Report


    While 2020 was a challenging year for many people, Shadow Era still had some notable achievements.

    - Slick new main menu screen
    - Daily Quests added
    - Greatly improved combat speed
    - Sound effects added in many places
    - Balance changes to 21 SF and 11 LL cards
    - Profit share reward of 80,000 SHDW paid out to token holders

    There's no question that the development last year felt slow, as we needed to tackle some major technology changes in order to move forward. Things that were worked on and will be wrapping up "any day now..."

    - Upgraded to the latest Unity game engine version
    - Improved special effects with sounds for all cards
    - Large number of balance changes from all sets
    - 40 new LL cards, complete with amazing new artwork

    Key Metrics

    Monthly Active Users (MAU) is defined as the number of unique players that logged into the game at least once during that month, and is one of the most important metrics when it comes to measuring the health of a game.

    During all of 2020, Shadow Era had a positive MAU increase ranging from +12% to an amazing +38% when compared to the same month of 2019. This increase is largely attributed to returning players checking out the great gameplay improvements, as well as starting a Facebook advertising campaign to attract new players.

    As for income, it was also way up across the board, with a year over year increase of about +20%. The increase is likely due to new players spending for the first time, as well as the monthly exclusive bundles that continue to be popular among all players.

    The Path Forward

    While it's understandable that many players are getting anxious waiting for new cards, the investments that were made into the game engine and quality of life improvements will help Shadow Era compete with new CCGs in 2021.

    We will continue to spend roughly 10% of gross income on advertising campaigns, to attract new players and grow the player base.

    Content will be the key focus of 2021, as we release the new LL cards and plan for a sustainable, steady stream of smaller batches of cards going forward.

    As always, you can view the long-term goals on the Shadow Era Improvement Tasks doc at

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    Thanks for the update Kyle!

    This game has continued to stick around while many others come and go! Can’t wait to see what the new year brings!
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