So Iíve been running this deck for about a day now. Iirc between my two accounts I managed a 15 win streak or there about. Itís a pretty solid deck. It wins either by going full tempo, and using cards like moment of acquiescence, and valiant defender to protect your board. Or crusader + attachments etc. The damage comes mostly from bannerman this is your most important ally in most matchups. Against priests and other grindy decks you have to budget your allies careful as there is only 13 of them. Look to try and win by either steadily applying pressure with superior tempo, or with a big damage burst turn with things like bannerman, knight of unaxio and justicars cape.

So ravencrest is nice, and allows you to spike in tempo / power, early to mid game. Usually if I donít find ravencrest early Iíll sacrifice or play less support abilities until itís found. Sosilo is what you want to be in late game both to prevent opponents from digging up abilities with ravencrest, and because itís typically drawing more cards.

I only have one frenzy and I believe one might be enough.. the reason being that very often you donít want to play frenzy on turn 3, and the deck has decent draw options.

Hero: Tala Pureheart (41 cards)

Ally (13):
4x Unaxio Squire
3x Zailen Crusader
4x Unaxio Bannerman
2x Knight of Unaxio

Ability (19):
1x Strength of Conviction
2x Moment of Acquiescence
3x Valiant Defender
2x Crippling Blow
4x Bad Santa
1x Ellos' Resolve
3x By The Sword
1x Blood Frenzy
1x Treasured Heirloom
1x A Legend Rises

Item (3):
2x Justicar's Cape
1x Pathfinder's Machete

Location (5):
2x Sosilo: Brothers' Landing
3x Ravenscrest: Valley of Secrets

Deck Code: 1693365B