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    Tag Team Party!

    Time for some 2v2 action!!

    Sign up

    As a duo, by filling out the following form:
    Submit your decks in the following form instead:
    (Only one of the two is required to fill out the form for both)

    You can pre-register with your teammate. As an alternative, you can join the tournament telegram chat by using the following link individually and try to find a teammate until the deadline! Teammates cannot be from the same guild! If some players who join individually are not able to find a duo within the deadline, they’ll be randomly paired with a teammate from the remaining players. Players who are not official members in any guild are considered as a neutral pool of their own.

    Signups close on November 24th 23:59 GMT+2.
    Deck submissions close on November 25th 23:59 GMT+2 (for those who get randomly paired)
    Once the deadline has passed, the TO (SET Atlas, @Atlas31 on telegram) will post the deck lists and brackets.


    • Team (2v2) single elimination format

    • Each duo will choose 2 different heroes and submit a deck list for each until the deadline. Hero and deck lock for the whole tournament. They should also designate their alpha player (A) and beta player (B). Alphas will play against alphas and betas will play against betas when the teams face each other.

    • Individual matches will be best of 3. Each player must use both of the decks that their team submitted for the first 2 games, then any of the 2 if there is a third game. In case of a 1-1 team result, a tiebreaker between the 2 winners will be played within that round’s deadline.

    • Random start for the 1st game, alternate for the 2nd game, random for the 3rd game.

    • Draws and sync errors are replayed under the exact same conditions. Disconnections count as a win for the opponent unless he agrees to restart. Loading a wrong hero/deck in a game is an automatic game loss, unless the opponent agrees to restart.

    • Each round will last one week (5 days for the regular matches plus 2 for possible tiebreaks). Please contact your opponent within the first 2 days in order to schedule on time and avoid missing the deadline, as a tiebreak might be needed. An extension of 24 hours might be provided under extreme circumstances. If a match is not played during a round, the TO will take a decision based on who made the greater effort to play. This decision will be final.

    • Please do not register at all, in case you are not planning to play if you don’t like your potential randomly assigned teammate. Be open-minded and co-operate! However, in the extreme scenario that a player abandons his teammate while the tournament is in progress, the remaining solo player will play both of the individual matches, starting with a 0-1 deficit in the match his former teammate was supposed to be playing.


    Standard tournament prizes based on the number of participants.
    Pro tour points: 1 for each individual victory (tiebreak matches do not count) plus 3 additional for the 1st place team, 2 for the 2nd place team and 1 for the 3rd place team.
    Special sleeve for the winning team, courtesy of SET Primal One (pending approval):

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