Darkclaw has climbed the ranks with buffs to Wulven Prophet and Spiked Shield. He's currently in my top 5 meta deck list. I'm aware of the Lackmire build but I still prefer the JD build especially with the buff to Spiked Shield. With the new Prophet and Spiked Shield, this DC is very consistent and quite fast when it gets its start.

Full decklist and YouTube video below!

Hero: Darkclaw (40 cards)

Ally (14):
4x Bloodpack Shaman
4x Wulven Prophet
4x Wulven Tinker
2x Crusher of the Weak

Ability (15):
2x Midnight Howl
2x Now You're Mine
1x Sacrificial Lamb
4x Blood Moon
2x Captured Prey
4x Speedstrike

Item (10):
2x Dreadclaw Totem
4x Jeweler's Dream
2x Spiked Shield
2x Lythian Sledgehammer

Deck Code: 604791B