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    [RS Seadog] Infinity Stone Zaladar

    The latest update has brought along a lot of balancing changes and one of the key cards is Redux Channel. It fixes the draw problem of elementals and making it the strongest class in game right now.

    Whilst discard zal remains as the most popular deck of the class, the small buff to Aural Battery has opened up another long forgotten deck.

    Hero: Zaladar

    Allies (6):
    4x Brimstone Devourer
    2x Furrion Terror

    Abilities (17):
    4x Redux Channel
    4x Shadow Font
    4x Interference
    4x Mind Control
    1x Ley Line Nexus

    Items (16):
    4x Antimatter
    2x Arthyle's Crypt
    3x Evil Ascendant
    4x Aural Battery
    3x Shadowvein

    = 40 cards

    Playstyle: stall/control

    The deck revolves around damage boost from Aural Battery with Zaladar ability.

    I have mixed in the drawing power from Antimatter and Redux Channel to combo with brimstone.

    In early game, you setup draw with antimatter and defense with evil ascendant. Setup Aural Battery and clear the board with Zaladar ability, brimstone discard and Mind Control.

    In mid game, you switch to semi-solo mode with Shadowvein. Pile up Shadow Energy and maintaining the board under control.

    In late game, you can play Arthyle's Crypt alongside with Antimatter. This is the main combo of the deck. When Brimstone is on the top of your graveyard, you can get it back with Crypt and discard with Antimatter. For 6cc, you can deal 3 damages (4 damages with Aural Battery) an draw a card every turn. The damages from Zaladar ability can be saved and directed on opponent hero.

    Note that Falseblood Cultist is not used here to avoid messing up the graveyard. For the same reason, play Furrion Terror with caution to avoid messing up the graveyard order.

    Ley Line Nexus is mainly for destroying Spell Eater Bands. You may consider to add Shriek of Revulsion if the meta calls for.

    You may also add Infinity Core for some healing.

    The deck performs pretty well against mid-range decks. Against weapon based deck you may need to play Brimstone more often as an ally to absorb some damages.
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