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    SET Black Lotus' Special Decklist - Amber Rain (Weaponized Supporters)

    Greetings again,

    Hope you all enjoyed the STAR deck that i posted not too long ago.

    Today I will be continuing on the series of playing support cards because I think it's nice just to demonstrate how strong support cards can be in the right deck.

    Without further ado, I present to you...

    WARS : Weaponized Amber Rain Supporters

    Let's look at the decklist :

    Hero: Amber Rain (40 cards)

    Ally (13):
    4x Yari Bladedancer
    1x Fuzam, Yari Blademaster
    2x Aldon the Brave
    4x Yari Marksman
    2x Yari Plunderer

    Ability (16):
    4x Moment of Acquiescence
    3x Valiant Defender
    3x War Cry
    2x By The Sword
    3x Blood Frenzy
    1x Enrage

    Item (6):
    4x Pathfinder's Machete
    2x Jeweler's Dream

    Location (4):
    4x Ravenscrest: Valley of Secrets

    Deck Code: 1363781B

    Instructions and Tips :

    The goal of this deck is to establish a stable source of draw after playing your turn 2 ally.

    The deck features 3 different source of card advantage draws including all star Ravenscrest: Valley of Secrets, Blood Frenzy, and War Cry.

    The main source of damage for this deck comes with the combination of Yari allies and Pathfinder's Machete.

    There is no Crippling Blow or Smashing Blow in this deck so please be aware that this deck is here to race!

    The only removal you will have access to in Yari Marksman and Moment of Acquiescence as a disabler for Fatties.

    The deck is currently still undergoing many testings but rest assured that this deck is a fearless fighter nonetheless!

    Commentary :

    Please feel free to give advice or any suggestions as this deck can still be improved in any case.
    I will be publishing another deck tech in the meantime.

    Have fun and may you keep your spirits high!

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    Really cool!

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