This is a pretty solid list that Iíve been dabbling with. here is the latest iteration.

Hero: Ythan Redthorn (58 cards)

Ally (35):
4x Vigilant Wisp
3x Layarian Knight
3x Layarian Seductress
3x Entangled Wisp
4x Armored Packbeast
3x Tainted Oracle
4x Fortified Wisp
3x Thunderstrike Construct
3x Viska, The Scarlet Blade
2x Nathanias, People's Champion
3x Kion the Magnificent

Ability (13):
4x Poison Arrow
4x Retreat!
1x Bad Santa
4x Hunter's Gambit

Item (9):
3x The Last Harvest
4x Wrath of the Forest
2x Soul Seeker

Deck Code: cCc2743654B

ēBad matchups: Itís going to struggle occasionally against some forms of aggro such as ELEMNTALIS resource denial BAD URU and MAGES.. Control mage is particularly Bad. Will also get out valued by ROGUE if the game goes late and they get their engines online.

ēGood matchups: Quite a few. Its not always as much about what hero your facing but often the cards they choose. But I think this deck has a pretty nice match up against almost all other hunters, against weapon heroes, and most priests.

It typically operates in a mid range value play style steadily climbing up the curve and playing one card a turn. You want to keep the board contested and hopefully under your control at all time as it lacks a way back in you fall behind too far.

ēPlaying first 🔑 Cards: 1)VIGILANT WISP your most important card playing first is Vigilant wisp this is what letís you dictate the tempo. It will ensure you donít miss an ally drop on curve, or can just be used as a way to draw cards so you can comfortably sacrifice. Manage your Shadow energy carefully though and plan ahead for threats.

2) ARMORED PACKBEAST if you missed your two drop this is usually your best play on 3, otherwise you have options.

3) HUNTERS GAMBIT. Not much to explain. In most matchups you always feel better if you have one of these in your hand. This is draw but itís also removal, so use it wisely

4) THUNDERSTRIKE CONSTRUCT this is your bread and butter power play thatís going to win you a lot of games.

5) TAINTED ORACLE, WRAITH OF THE FOREST, FORTIFIED WISP. These are all good and important cards but they are expensive and abundant so you are not going to get to drop a bunch of them generally.

6) THE LAST HARVEST, KION. Both terrific cards but because of where they are at on the curve you canít really afford to prioritize them early in a game.


Playing second 🔑 cards: Basically itís the same but with more emphasis on defensive cards
1)Vigilant wisp. 2). Poison arrow. 3) Hunters gambit. 4) Armored packbeast. 5) Soul seeker, WOTF, Thunderstrike construct, Fortified Wisp, Layarian Seductress. 6) Viska, Retreat.