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    Hi ! This is a preconstructed deck for Praxix.

    Classic meat wagon stuff. So my efforts were focused on meeting the price in gold without sacrificing much efficiency. Some directions are possible from this point, like more homunc, more discard, more control...

    As it is, it's pretty efficient and easy to play, ideal for beginners : I used to play something very close to this when i began 3 months ago. I scored like 250 rating, but advanced players would do much better for sure, with a few tweaks and good game knowledge.

    Hero: Praxix (40 cards)

    Ally (30):
    4x Plightbred Runt
    4x Harbinger of the Lost
    2x Rust Weevil
    3x Brimstone Devourer
    4x Reactorary
    4x Stardust Actualizer
    2x Gravemonger
    4x Falseblood Cultist
    3x Stardust Extractor

    Ability (5):
    2x Permeate
    1x Energy Discharge
    2x Mind Control

    Item (4):
    4x Meat Wagon

    Deck Code: 783379B
    (Cost 11 300 gold)

    The strategy and the card choices are quite obvious, so i won't develop this much... as always with meat praxix, flood the board, keep it and go face ! With all the synergies and prax ability, it's a lot of fun to play
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    Other attempt, this time with Ter Adun.

    Classic ravager build with several cards that are not core but worth a try, like brute, besieger, demolitionist, brakkong, location, shackles, mantle combo...

    It's a bit hard to master, but really fun to play. As the previous one, in the hands of a pro and with a few tweaks, i do think this deck would perform very well.

    Hero: Ter Adun (40 cards)

    Ally (14):
    4x Spitfire Hound
    2x Cleric of the Asyn
    4x Ravager Zealot
    1x Towering Brute
    1x Thriss Demolitionist
    1x Hellfire Besieger
    1x Brakkong, Menace of Thriss

    Ability (7):
    2x Lythian Shackles
    1x Melt Down
    4x Blood Frenzy

    Item (17):
    2x Crown of Ages
    4x Chaos Engine
    4x Thriss Assault Plinth
    1x Cleric's Mantle
    4x Thriss Crucible
    2x Dragon's Tooth

    Location (1):
    1x Asyn: Mount Kazarr

    Deck Code: 783208B

    Cost : 11360 gold

    Edit : a few changes to make it more efficient and open a few more options
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    My third preconstructed deck : Moonstalker

    Once more, nothing original - it's not the goal here - but something that could be pretty decent to start from. You can turn it into a full ballista deck, or more hasty minions, or more control, with different ways to get rid of opp allies explored.

    Hero: Moonstalker (40 cards)

    Ally (20):
    3x Bloodpack Shaman
    4x Dread Wolf
    4x Wulven Tinker
    2x Lightning Hunter
    1x Soothjaw
    2x Griptooth
    1x Howlfang, Terror of the Vale
    2x Crusher of the Weak
    1x Riphide

    Ability (13):
    2x Midnight Howl
    2x Sacrificial Lamb
    4x Blood Moon
    2x Death from Above
    2x Captured Prey
    1x Acid Jet

    Item (6):
    2x Dreadclaw Totem
    2x Eye of the Dark Forest
    2x Heavy Ballista

    Deck Code: 714422B

    Cost : 11 350 gold
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    The glue for this Nishaven deck is the Entagled Wisp that gives an Aldon-like feel when he drops into a board with other homunculus already in the mix. There's actually one other combo with the Thunsderstike Goliath but it is a costly one.

    I have actually won matches with this deck however, it could do with a faster start.
    Kristoffer Wild works for that, sorta.
    A more thematic finale than Viska would be good so if anyone has suggestions let me know and I will try it.

    Hero: Nishaven (40 cards)

    Ally (15):
    4x Cinderborn Fatebreaker
    4x Entangled Wisp
    3x Thunderstone Goliath
    2x Thunderstrike Construct
    2x Viska, The Scarlet Blade

    Ability (21):
    3x Bad Santa
    4x Fireball
    2x Subdue
    4x Lightning Strike
    2x Transmogrification Curse
    3x Supernova
    2x Ley Line Nexus
    1x Dawn Raid

    Item (3):
    3x Amulet of Conjuring

    Deck Code: 522920B
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    Hero: Bloodfang

    Allies (24):
    4x Bloodpack Shaman
    3x Wulven Scout
    3x Dread Wolf
    3x Wulven Tinker
    2x Wulven Tactician
    2x Soothjaw
    2x Griptooth
    1x Den Mother
    3x Crusher of the Weak
    1x Riphide

    Abilities (13):
    2x Now You're Mine
    1x Sacrificial Lamb
    2x Bad Santa
    4x Blood Moon
    2x Captured Prey
    2x Acid Jet

    Items (3):
    2x Eye of the Dark Forest
    1x Stun Turret

    = 41 cards ~ 11140g

    Deck Code: 704252B

    Won quite a few matches with this and it is very cheap.
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