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Thread: Bloodfang Help

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    Bloodfang Help

    I really like Bloodfang and the Wulven cards. But I could use some help designing a deck. It seems like Hunters, Mages and some Elemental decks just have you for breakfast.

    I've tried ALL the few decks listed in the 2018+ Strategy section. It just seems to easy for people to remove your fatty on turn 5 or wipe the entire board once you get some control. Also some of the decks have nothing to help with weapons and armor and stealth can be a real issue.

    Any decks to try? I want to like Bf but he doesn't seem to be working for me. Last night I found I went from winning 40% of my games with Bf to winning 80% simply by swapping to a Hunter character. Clearly, I must have the wrong strategy and set up on how to play him.

    I was mostly using a deck like this with some variations:

    Ally (24):
    3x Bloodpack Shaman
    2x Insolent Pup
    2x Dread Wolf
    3x Wulven Tinker
    2x Wulven Slaver
    3x Soothjaw
    2x Griptooth
    2x Howlfang, Terror of the Vale
    3x Crusher of the Weak
    2x Riphide

    Ability (18):
    2x Midnight Howl
    2x Now You're Mine
    2x Sacrificial Lamb
    4x Blood Moon
    4x Death from Above
    2x Wulven Resilience
    2x Torn Apart

    Deck Code: 844613C
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