Isadora has been a borderline OP card ever since her release. She has lost some popularity after the nerf but the latest buff makes her great again.

Below is a modified version from Offspring deck to suit the current meta:

Hero: Gravebone

Allies (8):
4x Falseblood Cultist
4x Isadora Stormrage

Abilities (27):
2x Sacrificial Lamb
4x Bad Santa
3x Sinkhole
4x Fireball
3x Subdue
2x Disarming Personality
2x Rest for the Weary
4x Lightning Strike
3x Shadowbolt

Items (4):
3x Leash of Life
1x Voltar's Ring

Locations (1):
1x Tisay: Volcanic Springs

= 41 cards

Game plan is semi-solo/stall burn. Drop Isadora to graveyard whilst setting up Leash of Life. Defense with control/burn cards.

After reviving Isadora, your first goal is to clear the board with her ability. It is not uncommon to kill 2-3 allies before she got removed.

Continue defense with control/burn cards until you bring her back again with GB ability. Normally you would have control of the board this time and you can start go for face.

Explanation of card choices:

No nova: the current meta consists of high health allies (Kion/Nathians/Extractor/Amplifier etc) which survive nova most of the time. Using nova as a board resettor usually backfires and cause you to lose even quicker. After testing, using more control cards (Sinkhole/Subdue/ Shadowbolt) and combining with Isadora ability has a better result than relying on nova.

Sinkhole: Aggro is your worst matchup. Sinkhole helps to improve those games.

Subdue: Particularly good on allies with abilities triggered on death (TO/D. Knight). Otherwise it buys you a turn for Isadora to kill. The ping damages also counts towards your victory.

Shadowbolt: Good synergy with Cultist and Voltar's Ring. The extra SE helps to speed up reviving Isadora and changes the flow of the game.

S lamb: A crippled/disabled Cultist is annoying, even worse when they take the Leash of Life spot from Isadora. Same case goes for Covert. Sac them for some extra draws and activate Isadora.

Rest for the Weary: You need a lot of draw for combo-orientated deck and Rest suits the spot. The second ability is also useful when you have location on board.

Disarming Personality: Cheaper and more versatile than LLN. The lower cost also works better with Isadora.

Leash of Life: Avoid Isadora being crippled. Your opponent is forced to kill her, which GB will bring her back.

Tisay: Avoid Isadora being disabled/frozen. Important tech card against Ankle Breaker.

Remember Isadora ability stacks every time you activate her ability. A lot of counting requires. Do your math.

Deck is not easy to play. But if you are ready to take challenge, this is potentially one of the best decks in game.