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Thread: Tier list v3.71

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    Tier list v3.71

    Hi, I'm back for 3 days now. Here I'm sharing my findings (positing this to find out if I'm rusted).

    S tier

    1. Elementalis
    Top deck is Stardust Elementalis with Shadowspawn. GL shield and Power Surge are nice addition but only relevant in Ele mirror. Many steadfast allies provides immunity to retreat, Covert Operatives and Yahari. x4 Morbid Acolyte is the key.

    2. Moonstalker
    Undead Moonstalker with Grave Resistance and Surging Darkness. NYM and stealth give him an edge against Ele. 7-8 2cc undead allies + Overwhelm or Bloodlust to finish the game. UD MS has been one of the best decks for a long time but it's mind-consuming to pilot so it is unpopular in QM.

    I think these are the meta-defining heroes.

    A tier

    3. Amber
    Buffed JD, BF, Smashing Blow, cheap ally removals and good allies. JD tempo gain makes anything possible.

    4. Tala
    She asks for specific counter. Annoying and unfair hero to play against. It's not easy to build a good tala deck though.

    5. Lance
    He's good but he just can't beat S tier heroes.

    6. Zhanna
    3 good decks for her; 39+hero Midrange, 60+ Control with Heals and Book of curse etc. and Haste with KP. All of them are good but not superb.

    Honourable Mention

    He can beat most of S and A tier heroes with good draw; Ele with NYM, DfA and CP; MS with Shadowspawn and seek-able Curse of Aldmor; Tala and Aeon with Selfishness which is also seek-able; Rogue and Priest with indestructible Sledgehammer and Tinkers. But such deck is clunky and he sometimes loses to his own draw. He is somewhat inconsistent, but he is in a good position meta-game-wise.

    B tier

    Everyone else.

    Direct damage heroes are half dead because of Ele. 4 and 5 SE heroes are not breathing since discovery of Shadowspawn in Ele.

    Looking forward to seeing your comments, SE community!
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    Good analysis!!

    Can u share some deck? esp S tier deck
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    I agree MS has an edge over ele because of NYAM, but I doubt whether it's top tier. Stealth is a lot less reliable nowadays due to Kion and Stut. Undead MS has access to GR but doesn't make it top tier either.

    There are many heros have a good matchup against ele: boris, lance, victor etc. These are all top heros before the ele meta strikes in and they still remain on top of the list.

    DC is not a reliable choice, particularly in a tourney, where everyone packs attachment removal. Taking off speestrike and DC is dead. Same situation applies to Tala.

    Hunter Baduruu seems to fade out from the meta, but UD baduruu remains a threat to challenge the top position.

    By the way, I think you have missed Prax. A good draw with some lucky discards enable wagon Prax to beat almost any deck, thanks to the buff for Transfuser.
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