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    [Rs Hello] Super OP Elimetalis

    Elimetalis = Really OP
    Bcuz he got [powerful draw method] that he reaaaallllly wanted so long ago (from.. nerf of Stardust Extractor)

    Hero: Elementalis

    Allies (32):
    2x Rapacious Vermin ~120g
    4x Feasterling ~400g
    4x Stardust Transfuser ~200g
    3x Infernal Gargoyle ~100g
    2x Death Mage Thaddeus ~200g
    3x Rampant Krygon ~300g
    2x Voracious Arachnid ~300g
    4x Murderous Hulk ~300g
    4x Stardust Extractor ~120g
    4x Stardust Ampliflyer ~720g

    Abilities (4):
    1x Energy Discharge ~200g
    3x Mind Control ~250g

    Items (4):
    4x Gold-Laced Shield ~120g

    41 cards ~ 11030g

    I made this deck after playing with 'A1 Wimbled'

    P.S2 (to RS guild member)
    I lost my telegram ID.. so now i Cant contact you T^T
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    I arrived at almost the same list (with -1 transfuser and +1 arachnid)

    It is really dope going first but needs more option going 2nd. Arachnid is a good example which exploit FTA but just not very good otherwise. Probably consider some flame spitter?

    And I really want to squeeze in Shadowspawm cause it's so good against lance victor boris...all the meta decks you name it...but I am not sure which card to cut given all 4cc choices are so good


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