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    [RS Seadog] Zantomentalis

    My second deck with Zantonite. I canít hide how much I love this card!

    Hero: Elementalis

    Allies (24):
    4x Aldmor Interceptor
    4x Darklight Apprentice
    4x Zantonite
    4x Aldmor Artisan
    4x Stardust Extractor
    4x Aldmor Chieftan

    Abilities (3):
    3x Replicate

    Items (8):
    4x Aldmor Accelerator
    4x Regression Chamber

    Locations (4):
    4x The Wilds: Trading Port

    = 40 cards

    Deck code: 1013730B

    This deck takes on a combo approach, with the aldmor/artifact/location package.

    Like other aldmor decks, interceptor is your main control tool. You can go the normal beatdown route with Interceptor/Apprentice > Artisan > Chieftan if going first. If you go second, try to stall with Interceptor and set up Chamber.

    The major target of Chamber is Zantonite. Do not hesitate to target Chamber even it has one durability left, but itís obviously better to target Accelerator if possible. The location provides draw and resource acceleration with NO side effect, because you can destroy your own artifact and left nothing for your opponent to target. By destroying your own artifact you can activate the location, making you almost able to activate it every turn, thatís a lot of tempo gain and card advantage.

    Try not to sacrifice any artifacts if possible. They are your bullets and cannot be reloaded. If you like recycling, Aldmor Scavenger will be an excellent addition to the deck.

    In between Zantonite / Artisan / Extractor / location you would never run out of draw. Once you get one of the piece on board the snowball will grow continually. However, my favourite play is Replicate. Zantonite / Artisan / Chieftan all have stackable ability. The more copies on board, the stronger the synergy. The extra ally played can be readied by Chamber, not to mention you have a tempo gain by paying 3cc to play a 4cc ally. Itís just useful in many cases.

    This is a skeleton of the deck which tries to focus on the combo consistency. If you want to make it competitive, add some meta tech cards such as Mind Control etc.

    Look forward to see your own version of the deck!

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    I love Zantonite too, always loved the art and the new ability is cool. Thanks for sharing.

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