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    [RS Seadog] Ravadar

    This deck is revolved around Zantonite. The latest update has made it a potential draw engine and activator for ravager deck. I am trying to fit in a Ravager Zaladar deck.

    Hero: Zaladar

    Allies (16):
    4x Spitfire Hound
    4x Zantonite
    4x Ravager Zealot
    4x Aldmor Scavenger

    Abilities (8):
    2x Melt Down
    1x Shriek of Revulsion
    4x Mind Control
    1x Ley Line Nexus

    Items (15):
    4x Loom of Fate
    3x Thriss Assault Plinth
    4x Thriss Crucible
    1x Stun Turret
    3x Life-infusing Scepter

    = 40 cards

    Most of the cards are pretty standard ravager built. I have replaced Zatonite for the place of Cleric of the Asyn as it can provide potential card draw.

    Aldmor Scavenger helps you to get back the artifacts destroyed, which can feed to the card draw of Zantonite. Normally, ravager Zaladar has a problem of card draw. With the vast options between Loom of Fate, Zantonite, Aldmor Scavenger and Melt Down, now the problem is resolved and you are provided with a steam of cards.

    Life-infusing Scepter is the seal of the game. Itís a super high value weapon and my favourite play is to feed Ravager Zealot to get a 4/8 haster.

    The damage output of this deck is insane. I am considering to add in Featserling to make it more aggro, or Rapacious Vermin as a tech.


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