Popsickle gets a major buff in the last update. It can turn into a super monster in the right deck. Given its undead alignment, why not give a try in Gravebone?

Hero: Gravebone

Allies (17):
3x Kiruth Devotee
4x Popsickle
4x Falseblood Cultist
2x Stalactitan
4x Forgotten Horror

Abilities (12):
2x Sacrificial Lamb
2x Transmogrification Curse
1x Shriek of Revulsion
4x Suspended Animation
2x Supernova
1x Ley Line Nexus

Items (8):
1x Leash of Life
4x Living Ice Wall
1x Stun Turret
2x Charred Cowl of the Damned

Locations (2):
2x Lyth: Kristan's Ridge

= 40 cards

Deck code: 933120B

This deck has full of synergies. The main combo is definitely Popsickle + Suspended Animation. Most of the time you can turn it into a 4/4 or even 5/4 ally, with the ability to deal another 4 or 5 damages. Suspended Animation gives another 2/3 ally on board and freeze everything else for another turn. There is a minor change in Suspended Animation in the last update that you can target both item and ice attack ally. Most of the allies in this deck has ice attack which makes it very easy to pull off.

The game play starts with the 2 most high value 2cc allies - Kiruth Devotee and Popsickle. Both of them have decent health and very good abilities. I prefer to start with Popsickle as it can chain into Turn 3 Living Ice Wall, but if your opponent is going slow, Kiruth Devotee can be a more aggressive option to go.

On Turn 3, Living Ice Wall is a super star. Going first, it protects your 2cc ally, pump Popsickle and a later turn Stalactitan. Going second, you can hold it off in your item slot and transform it in Turn 4 to protect Stalactitan or Cultist/Horror. Before it dies, you can target it with Kiruthís ability and makes another 2/5 ally. Itís just very versatile in many cases.

One of my favorite play on Turn 3 is Lyth: Kristan's Ridge. All of a sudden it turns your Gravebone into a Zalader and itís a huge swing of tempo in early game. Turn 2 Kiruth + Turn 3 Ice Wall + Lyth means you can deal 2+3+3 damages in one turn. Lyth is particularly good for GB since GB is normally slow to start off. Lyth gives a good early presence for GB which helps it to transit smoothly to late game Horror cycle. (However, you donít want to waste SE on Lyth in late game, hence only 2 copies.)

On Turn 4, you have a lot of options. If you have board control, play Stalactitan to solidify the board. If you need to come back, Cultlist/Horror or Suspended Animation is a pretty good choice. Transmogrification Curse is the tech for some nasty allies. Originally I have Freezing Grip but I just found Transmog more versatile. However, it eats out your SE which needs to be used wisely, given you already have to use SE on location and GB ability.

You donít need to sac too much in this deck. I often stop saccing on 6 resources. You can play a 6cc card (Horror/armour) or 2+4cc cards in one turn.

To finish off the game, the armour obviously seal the deal. Another interesting move is that you can play back to back Suspended Animation and go for face. Itís kind of like Moonstalker playstyle. Given the high attack of Popsickle/Horror and the protection from Ice Wall/Animation, it is totally possible. Finish off with a Nova or even Lyth (it can target hero) is how to win in style.

Anyways, here is one of my favorite brew. Hope you enjoy it.