I realise the decklist is missing on forum. It is really fun to play and could possible lockdown your opponent at the right hand.

Hero: Serena Thoughtripper

Allies (4):
4x Covert Operative

Abilities (12):
2x Sinkhole
4x Road Less Traveled
2x Vision of Endia
3x Stop, Thief!
1x Sever Ties

Items (23):
4x Black Market
3x Black Garb
1x Stun Turret
4x Ill-Gotten Gains
4x Spirit Shuriken
3x Anklebreaker
3x Thoughtripper's Cutlass
1x Spelleater Bands

Card choices:

Covert Operative/Road Less Travel/Spirit Shuriken: Your ultimate lockdown combo. Always keep a copy of these cards in your opening hand.

Sinkhole/Vision of Endia: Tech choices. Sinkhole secure your early game whilst Vision of Endia helps to remove the tough Kion/Nathians in late game.

Sever Ties: Tech for Warriors/Darkclaw. Sac it in other matchups.

Spelleater Bands: Tech for Zalader/Mage. Sac it in other matchups.

Black Market: Win condition. Hence 4 copies.


Control. You want to setup your draw engines and maintain defense in the early game. Defense is the higher priority as you have various options of draw cards. Steal cards occasionally with Cutlass. When the board is under control, start to draw cards from black market. Eventually you will outplay your opponent.