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    [RS Seadog] Packbeast Lance

    Hero: Lance Shadowstalker

    Allies (19):
    4x Night Owl
    3x Armored Packbeast
    2x Braxnorian Soldier
    2x Dhalia Blackrose
    2x Viska, The Scarlet Blade
    2x Eriss Fateweaver
    2x Nathanias, People's Champion
    1x Oliver Fagin
    1x Kion the Magnificent

    Abilities (4):
    3x Stop, Thief!
    1x Anarchic Looting

    Items (16):
    2x Hit List
    1x Stun Turret
    4x Ill-Gotten Gains
    2x Spirit Shuriken
    4x Anklebreaker
    2x Dagger of Unmaking
    1x Crimson Vest

    = 40 cards

    First of all, this deck is not balanced. It has very few draw and early game options. It has nothing to play on Turn 2. But it is very fun to play and obviously very strong in the late game.

    The use of Packbeast is inspired by Inevitable Zalader. In fact it has a few uses here:
    1. Improve your early game. It is sticky especially with more than one on board. It buys you time until you can drop your big toys later.
    2. It increases the survivalbility of your fatties in late game. The health recovery with Kion damage reduction makes your allies super hard to kill.
    3. It improves your bad matchup such as against Zalader.
    (4. Start with back to back Packbeasts and trick your opponent to wrong sacs. They might think you play a Homuc Lance!)

    The deck also uses a lot of weapons: 4 Anklebreaker 2 Dagger 2 Shuriken. The weapons are your main control tools. They are extremely important against mirror matchups or any decks that play fatty roll. The abundance of weapons also synergies well with Dhalia.

    The choice of fatty follows a toolbox approach, with 2 each of 7 allies. It gives a lot of versatility but your need to time your play sequence well.

    The gameplan is quite simple. Stall with Owl and Packbeast > Set up IGG > Control with weapons > Fatty roll.

    You can also consider to add Thunderstrike Construct or increase the number of Brax/Eriss. It all comes down to meta call.

    The deck can be quite weak against aggro decks, but once you get the ball rolling you will be not far from winning. Enjoy.

    -1 Packbeast – Works equally well with 3x
    -1 Fagin – To lower the resource curve
    -1 Kion - To lower the resource curve
    +2 Hit List/TO – Increase draw for consistency
    +1 Crimson Vest – Saves me several games


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