Rothem is desperate. He's been at the bottom of the hero rankings for too long! In his desperation, he throws his weapon. Bam! One turn kill!

Hero: Rothem, King of Layar (40 cards)

Ally (19):
4x Yari Bladedancer
4x Fuzam, Yari Blademaster
2x Yari Vanguard
4x Braxnorian Weaponsmith
2x Yari Marksman
2x Yari Plunderer
1x Xander, Yari Captain

Ability (16):
1x Lythian Shackles
4x Valiant Defender
1x Rain Delay
4x Desperate Tactics
1x Carnage
1x Smashing Blow
4x Blood Frenzy

Item (4):
4x Pithing Spear

Deck Code: 713254B

This is a really fun deck. The idea is to have Fuzam and Bladedancer on the field. One turn 5, you play Pithing Spear, use Rothem's ability, Bladedancer on Fuzam and use Fuzam's ability to boost the spear to 13 attack. Then, you can use Desperate Tactics to deal another 14 damage. This is easy to stop for more aggressive decks, so you can use Valiant Defender to buy some time as you set up this combo. This also helps with swarming with Yari allies, which can be deadly anyway even without the Spear and Desperate Tactics combo.

Here is a Youtube video with this deck in action and some commentary: