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Thread: Krugal Baduruu

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    Krugal Baduruu

    This is my Krugal Baduruu deck that I created by taking some ideas out of some other standard Baduruu decks. I achieved a 10 win streak with this deck yesterday in rated.

    Hero: Baduruu

    Allies (16):
    4x Krugal Trapper ~200g
    2x Venomflame Archer ~120g
    3x Sneerkrug ~400g
    2x Deepwood Bobcat ~120g
    3x Snowland Spotter ~300g
    2x Drangis, Lord of the Hunt ~680g

    Abilities (12):
    3x Pack an Extra ~120g
    2x Sacrificial Lamb ~400g
    4x Hunter's Gambit ~120g
    2x Shadow Font ~220g
    1x Ley Line Nexus ~400g

    Items (16):
    3x Ricochet Trap ~120g
    4x Camouflaged Foe ~200g
    1x Night Prowler ~420g
    2x Soul Seeker ~760g
    3x Grundler's Double ~800g
    3x Emore Crossbow ~1100g

    45 cards ~ 16220g

    It's an old fashioned deck with the new cards missing such as Double Back, Quickshot, Braggart, etc. Will post a deck here once I create a deck out of those cards as well.

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