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    Anti-Rogue Krugal Skervox and RD Wulven Banebow

    Hey everybody! Recently I participated in the 2019 Tag Team tournament. The rules to that tournament said that you had to choose and play a class for the entire tourney.

    In the semi-finals and finals of this tournament, I had to play a Hunter hero while my opponents had to play a Rogue hero. Thus, I developed a couple of decks for the purposes of killing rogues.

    Deck 1: RD Wulven Banebow (Lance Killer)

    Hero: Banebow (45 cards)

    Ally (20):
    4x Wulven Traitor
    3x Wulven Predator
    4x Wulven Scout
    3x Wildfang, Wulven Renegade
    4x Wulven Tactician
    2x Dark Riding Hood

    Ability (21):
    1x Shriek of Vengeance
    1x Sacrificial Lamb
    1x Relentless Savagery
    4x Here Be Monsters
    2x Assumed Command
    4x Hunter's Gambit
    2x Mark of the Feared
    1x Vision of Endia
    2x Will to Fight
    3x Confluence of Fate

    Location (3):
    3x Lakmire: Training Outpost

    Deck Code: 1444112B

    The idea behind this deck is to make it very difficult for Lance to summon a fatty or their weapons. The other idea is to make Anarchaic Looting and Stop Thief worthless because this deck runs 0 items. Banebow is great at killing the low-cost allies like Rabble Rouser and Night Owl. Meanwhile, cards like Wulven Tactician make it very hard to use Anklebreaker and Here Be Monsters can help keep Lance under the crucial 7 resource mark. The deck runs on an attachment engine, relying on Hunter's Gambit, Confluence of Fate, and Wulven Traitor for draw power. This is often more than enough. Lakmire makes 1 of these these attachments cost 3 less each turn, which is amazing because it means that you don't have to have a lot of resources to make explosive plays.

    A special tech choice that worked extremely well was Assumed Command. This is because my opponent brought Yahari, and Assumed Command prevented Yahari from working. It also can serve as a counter to Covert Operative and Retreat, though I don't think my opponent brought those cards. Another tech choice was Shriek of Vengeance. This works well against Ill Gotten Gains, etc. while also putting me down 1 resource for combos with Here Be Monsters.

    Special thanks to SD Offspring for help creating this deck.

    Deck 2: Krugal Skervox (Garth Killer)

    Hero: Skervox (65 cards)

    Ally (26):
    4x Krugal Trapper
    3x Krugal Braggart
    1x Venomflame Archer
    3x Sneerkrug
    2x Deepwood Bobcat
    2x Krugal Quickshot
    4x Shadow Knight
    4x Krugal Butcher
    3x Drangis, Lord of the Hunt

    Ability (20):
    2x Shriek of Vengeance
    3x Sacrificial Lamb
    3x Bad Santa
    3x Bounty Hunter
    4x Hunter's Gambit
    3x Shadow Font
    2x Ley Line Nexus

    Item (18):
    3x Net Trap
    2x Anmor's Elixir
    2x Death Trap
    1x Ricochet Trap
    4x Camouflaged Foe
    2x Stun Turret
    3x Spirit Shuriken
    1x Soul Seeker

    Deck Code: 1036512B

    After I ran Wulven Banebow in round 1, I expected a low-cost Garth Deck because Garth can counter Wulven Banebow pretty well. On the other hand, there was a possibility that my opponent would run Lance. Thus, I decided to take a deck that could comfortably deal with Garth and still have a chance against Lance. Skervox is great because it poisons and disables every ally your opponent controls. This is so good against Garth, because he mostly relies on having allies that can attack to make the best use of his hero ability.

    Some techs include Shriek of Vengeance for Ill Gotten Gains, Stun Turret for Night Owl and Tainted Oracle, and Spirit Shuriken for dealing with low cost allies. In addition, the trap set of Net Trap, Ricochet Trap, Death Trap, and Camouflaged Foe make it tough for my opponent to summon fatties. The MVP of this deck is Bounty Hunter in combination with Anmor Elixer. Bounty Hunter gives you 1 resource each time you kill a poisoned ally. Anmor Elixer lets you draw 1 card by blowing up a resource. If you can get this combo set up, your deck becomes very lethal as you can summon big threats every turn with your mountain of resources, hide them behind your hero ability, and then draw cards.

    This deck did work well as intended against Garth, but struggled a bit against Lance in match 2. That's because Skervox only really has Krugal Butcher to deal with fatties, and Lance can often times spam fatties. It may have been a good idea to include cards like Here Be Monsters, but the deck was already gigantic. I ended up losing to the Lance in the finals 1-2, but I'm glad that the deck can at the very least put up a strong fight.

    I filmed all of my games from the semi finals and finals, and uploaded them to Youtube. I commentated over the videos as well, so if you are interested in seeing how I played the decks then check them out by clicking on the links above! Did I miss any neat techs? What deck would you bring against a Lance or Garth? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading.
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    Skervox was also a Lance killer, I had very little chance to win game three the moment you took fta. As you mention in the video, you made some decisions that didn't end up working out.


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